Enjoy it to administer your hotel everywhere and anytime

Cloud-Rooms is available via web-browser, which means almost everywhere today. You can use idle time for work and can reduce the time spent in the reception significantly. You are able to enter reservations or give instructions on road or abroad. Your employees also profit by being able to check the duty roster anytime. A large amount of work that otherwise has to be done at the reception desk can be done at home as well.

Internal Communication and Information

Communication and information are substantial success factors in any organization in which several people have to work together. E-mail is not enough. When you are out of town, you still have to know what is happening and what is needed! By using the "coworker chat", any staff member can send all others (or only one other) messages which create a log of what has happened. More features like the problem list or daily information allow for an efficient and fast internal communication.