Adaptation to Your Needs

Cloud-Rooms offers a comprehensive amount of settings to optimally adapt to the requirements of your business. In this way you can continue to use your processes - Cloud-Rooms adapts to your business and not the other way around!

Integrated comments

Cloud-Rooms offers you the possibility to add comments at all steps to improve the communication. In the cleaning plan you can add a comment that is shown to the cleaning staff. In the bookings you can add comments which are shown directly in the booking-plan. On the duty roster you can add a reminder for each day that is then inserted into the chat at that day.

By using these comments you are not restrained to a rigid process, but can react to special circumstances, customer requirements or unforeseen events.

Can be terminated any time

Cloud-Rooms can be terminated any time and there is no notice period.

Customized System Configuration

You can change all the settings in Cloud-Rooms yourself and not need help from any technician. The system offers context-sensitive help.

Every hotel is different and also every is different. Cloud-Rooms offers countless settings to correctly configure your rates, customize your header for invoices and also e-mail templates.