The flexible, mobile and efficient hotelsoftware for hotels, pensions and private rooms

Property management with smartphone, tablet or PC for an unbeatable low price. With all functions that are needed for a successful rental business, from booking-plan to accounting.

Cloud-Rooms is the perfect hotel software for your business

Cloud-Rooms offers a complete package for every rental business that facilitates all activities associated with room letting.

User-friendly Operation

Cloud-Rooms can be used without any technical knowledge. Context-sensitive help, a color scheme, training videos and our staff support you to complete your tasks efficiently and effectively.

Available everyhwere

You can use a smartphone, tablet or PC to operate Cloud-Rooms and can use all features on the go without restrictions.

Che cosa Cloud Rooms può fornire

Cloud Rooms gestisce unità affittabili L'accesso è possibile da tutto il mondo con ogni connessione L'aiuto è disponibile tramite il sistema

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